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New-generation Green Hydrogen/ Biomethanol Catalytic Technology

Biomethanol has been touted as the next-generation green fuel for transportation and heating appliances.

CRecTech developed a novel catalytic process with our own patented catalysts for biomethanol production from biomass.  




Our technology relies on today's matured and proven catalytic technologies with minimal twist.



With our one-of-a-kind catalytic process, the cost of our renewable methanol is far lower than that of e-methanol that is produced from green hydrogen and captured CO2 as well as existing biomass-derived methanol production methods. 


High-quality biomethanol

Quality of our biomethanol is not compromised, and it is expected for direct use in methanol-compatible engines.

Renewable methanol, a promising maritime fuel

The biggest challenge in widespread use of renewable methanol is expensive and complicated manufacturing, wherein the adoption of methanol as a fuel will erode profits and addition cost may pass onto consumers. 

In CRecTech, we acknowledge the importance of low-cost renewable methanol, and we have a unique solution to address this.

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