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Breakthrough Catalytic Technology for Green Hydrogen and

Bio-methanol Production

Our Innovative Technology

We help you solve CO2 problems

At CRecTech, our novel catalytic technology enables significant operational and capital expenses with our unique catalytic process designs for the production of cost-effective green hydrogen and renewable methanol.

We employ a waste-to-energy solution:

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Methanol today, for Maritime transport fuel tomorrow.

Methanol, a colorless liquid with a mild alcohol odor, is emerging as a promising alternative to traditional fossil fuels in the maritime industry. This eco-friendly fuel increases efficiency and has the potential to help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) pledge to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international shipping by 2050 - by committing an update of alternate zero and near-zero GHG fuels by 2030  (by at least 20%, striving for 30%) and 2040 (by at least 70%, striving for 80%).  

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Presently, around 100 million tonnes of methanol are produced annually from fossil fuels with a global market value of US$ 39.2 billion (CAGR of 5.83%). Methanol production, in fact, has seen a two-fold increase in the past decade, partly due to strong growth in China. In this trajectory, production is projected to increase to 500 Mt per annum by 2050, releasing 1.5 Gt CO2 per annum if solely sourced from fossil fuels. 
Renewable Methanol

Methanol is a versatile and sustainable fuel source that has lower emissions and improves efficiency. Unlike fossil fuels, methanol emits fewer particulate matter, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides, in line with Tier III NOx emissions (2-4 g/kWh). This makes it a more environmentally friendly fuel source that supports the transition to a greener future.

Proven Engine Technology

Methanol can be used in slightly modified ignited combustion engines used for marine diesel oil.

Storage and Safe Handling

Methanol, similar to marine oil, is liquid at ambient temperature and pressure, thus can be stored in ordinary tanks with few modifications.

Operational Ease

Ample experience in transporting methanol as a chemical, both in tank trucks and bulk vessels with established regulations and guidelines in place.

Limited Environmental Concerns

Apart from low carbon footprint in renewable methanol, methanol can readily dissolve in water and biodegrade rapidly by micro-organisms from a fuel leak.

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